What is Yoga?

Yoga is the cultivation and maintenance of the state by which all your faculties –your body, senses, mind, feelings, emotions, intellect, intuition –are in the harmonious experience of the real you.

Yoga strengthens and stretches every aspect of your body, calms and focuses the mind and balances the feelings and emotions as you release all tension and create a state of effortless balance and deep attunement with yourself.

 What is Meditation?

“When mind is steadily fixed, by will, on the Being that you really are, that is meditation.”

“Meditation is the simple and beautifully clear experience of existence in calm continuity, balanced ease and Self-knowing awareness. It is the most deeply satisfying state we can be in.”

What kind of yoga do you do? How is it different than other classes?

Our Raja yoga classes not only physically challenge you to strengthen and balance your body and mind, but also go to a much deeper level. Our classes address the whole person on the physical, psychological and spiritual levels – not in an intellectual, religious or new age way – but with deep reaching, practical life applications.

Students learn far more than just doing the right movements; they experience techniques which help them cultivate the specific conditions necessary for learning to meditate. In a few short weeks you can be well on your way in learning to concentrate the mind, relax the emotions and achieve deep peacefulness and contentment.