Fundamental Meditation Series

Students from other meditation disciplines often marvel at the depths of experience Erhard’s students report. When you have mastered the conditions necessary to be in the state of meditation, you reach more expansive levels of meditation and gain the ability to integrate that experience into your daily activities. In this series, you learn these fundamental skills and integrate them one by one, until you can predictably bring yourself into the unitive state called meditation.

Essential Meditation Series

Through guided meditation, come to know who you really are, your essential Self. Dispel your misconceptions and fantasies about yourself and learn to dwell in the deep comfort of who you really are. Each successive week yields new discoveries as you open up and gain the depth and limitless expansiveness of meditation.

Faculties Meditation Series

Your body, mind, feelings, emotions, senses, intellect and intuition are the instruments with which to claim your fulfillment; untrained, however, they are the source of your downfall. In this meditation series you learn practical, powerful, effective ways to train these faculties to work harmoniously and powerfully for you.

Mantra Meditation Series

The science of mantra has been passed down from sage to sage for millennia. Learn this ancient knowledge directly from a member of that lineage, Dr. Erhard Vogel. Through mantra practice, you purposefully induce and reinforce specific, positive patterns of behavior throughout your faculties. You will nurture and strengthen the unique capabilities and talents you possess, while discarding your limitations and hindrances.

Self-Empowered Living through Meditation Series

Learn the fundamental life skills they never taught you in school:

Functioning free from stress
Making your actions successful and fulfilling
Conduction healthy relationships
Being Self-motivated and true to yourself
You will discover that all of the above skills, and much more, are inherent to your true Self, which is what you come to know and live through meditation.