During the past 30 years, Dr. Vogel has taught tens of thousands of students from many parts of the world to effectively reduce stress.

These students include members of such high-stress professions as hospice workers, doctors, lawyers, police officers, teachers and mothers. The Stress Release Response™, which Erhard developed to answer an unmet need, is among the most beneficial means of coping with stress, and yields predictably positive results.

The Stress Release Response is a set of steps by which you can dependably free yourself from stress and its harmful effects—at a moment’s notice and at will.

Do you even know when you are in stress?
With stress, your perception narrows or even shuts down. Identifying the symptoms of stress is the first step to overcoming its negative effects. “Where do I most feel stress in my body—neck and shoulders, stomach, chest, loins, anus, calves, my toes?”

Do you have a tendency to hold on to stress, or even cultivate it?
Instead of being a passive victim, or worse, a conspirator of stress, and thus suffer its damaging effects, you can learn to recognize stress and use it as a reminder to be relaxed and focused in the experience of the Being that you are. It is your choice.

The Stress Release Response is a uniquely powerful and effective seven-step process that you can learn to implement at a moment’s notice—as soon as you come upon a situation that would otherwise be stressful.




Allow yourself to be guided by master teacher Erhard, step by step, into a state of clear, focused consciousness in which all aspects of yourself will rest with effortless balance and deep relaxation in your very center. As you progress, you will experience yourself to depths and breadths as perhaps never before. Your all-pervasive and eternal identity will be known to you, neither as a belief system nor mere theory, but as immediate and intimate experience.

“There once was a luminous sage named Vasishta. He was a proponent of a system of fundamental knowledge that has served humanity for over 5,000 years. His concise teachings have guided people all over the world to direct their lives expertly toward lasting fulfillment.

This great sage lived in a cave deep in a sheer mountain cliff of the Indian Himalayas — now a highly revered site protected by a tiny ashram. A Swami (monk) and his assistant carefully guard the sacred cave of Vasishta, allowing only those with special permission to visit for brief moments. I was granted the wonderful privilege to live at the cave for an extended period during which I maintained a vow of silence and dedicated myself to meditation.

Each morning before sunrise, I sat in meditation at the bank of the river Ganges. When the sun became too intense, I moved to a small cave shaded by a banyan tree. A frugal meal of lentils, rice and chapatis was provided to me twice a day. This was also my only regular contact with human beings — the Swami or his assistant, and occasionally dignitaries on pilgrimage to the cave, who plied me with questions. The Swami swiftly hushed visitors with, “That one is in mauna (silence).” I dwelled in the continuity of undistorted consciousness that is meditation.

The Cave Meditation came to me in one pure flow. If I may offer you some advice: do not merely listen to the words but trust in your ability to implement the suggestions right there and then. They, like all else, are expressions of the limitless power of Being that we all are. No matter what your degree of development, this meditation is a means to your transcendent consciousness. May you be blessed with the bliss of Self-realization in this lifetime.”