Who are you really and what are you in this life for? How can you expect to successfully lead your life if you do not know its purpose?

You’ve found the answer here…
More than ever, people are looking for answers to the deeper, spiritual questions that life has to offer. The fundamental knowledge and guidance that lead to discovering these answers through personal experience is the real solution. This requires a guide who teaches from his own direct experience and who is able to inspire the individual’s personal realization and comprehension. Dr. Erhard Vogel is such a guide.

About the Nataraja Meditation & Yoga Center
Nataraja Meditation & Yoga Center was established in 1974 as a not-for-profit social service organization. Our mission is to serve humanity by alleviating suffering and empowering individuals to fulfill their deepest needs, desires and aspirations. Through a wide variety of local and correspondence programs, we are dedicated to promoting the spiritual, physiological and psychological welfare of the human being.

“You don’t have to take anyone’s word for the benefits of yoga. It doesn’t take long before you find your body and mind feeling so much better, more vital, more alert and energetic. The practice is easily enjoyable. Tensions disappear; your movements become more graceful. The yoga exercises stimulate circulation, strengthen the heart and very effectively regulate blood pressure.”
—– Erhard Vogel, Ph.D.

Nataraja Meditation & Yoga Center weekly classes are held at 2 convenient locations, in La Jolla and Sorrento Valley:

Please see Yoga Schedule for introduction times and locations, then call or email to make an appointment:

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